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Tally Prime Training in 2022

Tally Prime training – Tally Prime is one of the Indian accounting software used widely by most organizations for their accounting, business management, and customers. Also, let us know in this blog why to learn Tally Prime training in 2022. Tally Prime also offers a cloud-computing platform.
We can do accounting and record-keeping with the help of Tally Prime. Also, there are many courses available in the market to teach you the use of the software efficiently.

Tally prime training Accountant

What is Tally Prime Training?

Tally prime training helps you to learn efficient use of the software. Further, the programs can be 1 to 3 months long. In addition to that these programs will teach you vital aspects of the usage of the software. There are also various courses, including certification and diploma programs, that can be as long as two years.

What is the eligibility for enrolling in Tally Prime Training?

If any aspirants wish to enroll in Tally prime training, then the aspirant must complete 10 +2 or an equivalent level of education. Basic knowledge of accounting and business management will also help.

Tally Prime Trainings Available

Tally prime training - CMA Online Course
cma bpa

Tally Accounting Software Course – Certification Course

This tally accounting software course trains aspirants to manage the company’s accounts with Tally Prime and GST. Further, this course will help you to manage accounting, stock, and Payroll, including ESI, PF, EPF, and statutory payment. You will also learn to calculate TDS and different ways of extracting TDS reports.

  • Course Provider: BPA Educators
  • Tally Course Duration: 40 hours
  • Eligibility Criteria: Basic knowledge of Computers & Accounting
  • Mode: Online/Offline  
  • Rating: 4.9/5

GST & EFiling Training

It is an intermediate course that will help you to learn GST, Tally, and Efiling. In order to train you, this course covers all the practical aspects, including GST registration, return uploading, accounting, and recording of GST transactions. 

In addition to that, professionals like legal consultants, tax experts, CA, CS, and Accountants can pursue this course.

  • Course Provider: BPA Educators
  • Tally Course Duration: 60 hours
  • Eligibility Criteria: Basic knowledge of Computers & Accounting
  • Mode: Online/Offline
  • Rating: 4.7/5

Pro-Accounting Training

Firstly, the pro-accounting training course helps you learn the advanced Tally Prime training. Also, it is a course for everyone who wants to switch from manual accounting to automatic accounting. However, the course will help you to know the implementation of Advanced GST. In this course, you will also know about the reverse charge mechanism and multiple journal entries in Tally Prime.

  • Course Provider: BPA Educators
  •  Tally Course Duration: 320 hours
  •  Eligibility Criteria: Basic knowledge of Computers & Accounting
  •  Mode: Online/Offline  
  •  Rating: 4.8/5

Institute for Tally Course

BPA Educators is a reputed institution established for students and professionals to achieve their goals. Moreover, it provides training after understanding the goals of students and professionals. The student will also learn about the correct career options after the course. BPA has been known to train more than 1000+ students in the last ten years.

Tally Prime Training Syllabus

  • Company Creation
  • Ledger Creation
  • Cost center and Cost Category
  • Accounting Features
  • Inventory Features
  • Generation of Returns
  • TDS
  • PF
  • ESI
  • Cash / Bankbook
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Stock Summary
  • Bills of Material / Manufacturing
  • Vouchers
  • Interest Calculation
  • Purchase and Sales Cycle
  • GST using Tally
  • Payroll
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Daybook
  • Export/ Import of data
  • Audit Feature
  • Backup and Restore

Career Prospects After Tally Prime Training

When an aspirant completes tally Prime training, he is eligible to receive the certificate. Also, There will be numerous job opportunities that will be open for you after the completion of the course.


An accountant is a person who works at the entry-level. Therefore, he is the person who assists the senior accounts personnel. Further, the responsibilities of an accountant are:

  • He is supposed to request payment
  • He receives and processes invoice
  • He maintains accounting records and filing documents
  • He is responsible for preparing bills and receipts.
  • He handles expense forms and petty cash.

Tally operator

Tally operator is a person who is responsible for Tally working. The responsibilities of a Tally Prime operator are:

  • He is responsible for managing financial statements like balance sheets or profit and loss statements.
  • He needs to synchronize the data.
  • He is supposed to file tax returns.

Data entry operators

Data entry operator is a person who is responsible for entering and managing data into various databases. Further, he ensures that the data entered should be accurate, and there is no redundancy. Also, The data entry operator is responsible for many tasks.

  • He is responsible for entering data into the database from various documents.
  • He reviews the data to make sure that the data is error-free.
  • He compiles, sorts, and also verifies the information.

Accounts Executive

An account executive is a person who maintains a relationship with the clients in the company. He is responsible for the advertising, publicity, and financial matters of the company’s various departments.

  • He is the one who arranges the staff members to demonstrate and assist with sales pitches.
  • He pitches deals and negotiates contracts.
  • He is also responsible for making sure of client satisfaction.

Salaries of Tally professionals after Tally Prime Training

There are various growth opportunities for the aspirants after Tally prime training. A few of them are as follows;

  • Accountant – ₹ 1.7 Lakh Per annum
  • Data entry operator – ₹ 2.0 Lakh Per annum
  • Tally operator – ₹ 1.5 Lakh Per annum
  • Account Executive – ₹ 1.8 Lakh Per annum

Industries hiring Tally prime professionals

There are various vacancies across industries for Tally Prime professionals. The demand for the tally professions is high, especially in the below-listed industries

  • Real Estate
  • Education/ Teaching/ Training
  • Export/ Import
  • FMCG
  • Textiles/Garments/Accessories
  • Retail
  • IT-Hardware & Networking
  • Hotels/ Restaurants & other hospitality industry

Scope after Tally Prime Training

If some candidates complete Tally Prime training from institutes like BPA Educators, and there is a broad scope of job opportunities.

  • Firstly, this training is helpful for many employees as this software allows people to manage payroll attendance, billing reporting, etc.
  • Also, the most crucial function of Delhi Prime is accounting. Later, using this particular software, we can do various categories of accounting tasks that too quickly.
  • Further, with the help of tally software, you will be able to create billing entries resulting in reduced efforts and less time for creating accounting entries.
  • Tally Prime software also helps the user maintain stock and decide how much to produce to meet the requirements.
  • The most important feature of using software like tally prime is reducing redundancy, which can happen when a massive amount of data is entered.

To conclude, if anybody is looking forward to working in the accounting field, Tally Prime software can expedite his work. If the Tally Prime training is done from our institute, like BPA Educators, then the candidate will surely get various other benefits, including


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