Tally.ERP 9

What, Why, and How of Tally.ERP 9

What is Tally.ERP 9?

Tally.ERP 9 is an ERP software that is GST-ready with a complete accounting process for a company

Why Tally.ERP 9 is Important?

Tally.ERP 9 software is considered one of the best Accounting software. Further, Tally is capable of handling any kind of business transaction. Tally 9 ERP software is also being used by individuals and business corporations to maintain their books of Accounts. It is important to maintain a record of all monetary transactions. Finally, the knowledge of Microsoft Excel is vital in most modern organizations for the purpose of proficiency. Moreover, many organizations want to keep systematic and up-to-date records of their products, programs, and activities. Therefore individuals who are proficient in creating or coming up with Excel macros are considered assets to a given organization.

A tally is an important tool used in order to calculate monetary terms, accountancy, tax, and GST calculating, and manage commercial transactions effectively and efficiently. Tally helps you to manage all your data in a proper way and can be efficiently accessed whenever needed. It also allows you to all your data in a well-mannered way.Tally.ERP 9

How Tally.ERP 9 Help us?

Tally. ERP 9 is a Windows-based Enterprise Resource Planning software. The software handles Accounting, Inventory Management, Order Management, Tax Management, Payroll, Banking, and many such requirements of the business. It also supports all day-to-day processes from recording invoices to generating various MIS reports. Tally.ERP 9.

What BPA Educators offers you in Tally.ERP 9?

Your one-stop solution from accounting to compliance
Tally is a widely used accounting software that is used to record the day-to-day operations and transactions of a business/company. Tally is also simple yet powerful and it’s the basic need of any business run. Complete bookkeeping that includes accounting, inventory management, and payroll’s-Compliant invoicing for Regular and Composite Dealers Manage and Generate e-Way bills as per your business needs File the most accurate GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, and GSTR-4

Further, with our experienced trainer and the base course, you will get to know each and every working of a company’s account in tally from basic to advance level. Tally.ERP 9

There are certainly benefits of tally that you’ll gain in the duration of your course 

  1. Create ledgers and groups with a complete understanding of accounts and taxes.
  2. Pass journal entries and create reports and analyze them online.
  3. Enter tax implications for income tax and GST, account for payroll including Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI) Tally.ERP 9

This will help you get good technical knowledge of various taxes and you will do well in Interviews and get good job offers.Tally.ERP 9

You Will Also Receive:

  1. 1 Real Live project
  2. A Certificate of Professional Training after the completion of the course
  3. OJT Certificate from CA/CS
  4. OJT(On the Job Training) under Experienced CA/CS
  5. Expert Advice


  1. Company Creation
  2. Ledger Creation
  3. Cost center and Cost Category
  4. Accounting Features
  5. Inventory Features
  6. Generation of Returns
  7. TDS
  8. PF
  9. ESI
  10. Cash / Bankbook
  11. Bank Reconciliation
  12. Stock Summary
  13. Bills of Material / Manufacturing
  14. Vouchers
  15. Interest Calculation
  16. Purchase and Sales Cycle
  17. GST using Tally
  18. Payroll
  19. Balance Sheet
  20. Trial Balance
  21. Daybook
  22. Export/ Import of data
  23. Audit Feature
  24. Backup and Restore

Career Options after Tally Course:

  1. Admin Executive
  2. Tally Executive
  3. Accounts Executive
  4. Audit Executive
  5. Account Associate
  6. Junior Accountant

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