Unblocking E-Way Bill


1. A facility has now been provided to the taxpayers on the GST Portal, from 28th November 2020 onwards, to file an application online for unblocking their EWB generation facility in Form EWB-05, in case their EWB generation facility has been blocked on the EWB Portal.

2. To file an online application for unblocking the E-way bill generation facility on the GST Portal, a taxpayer needs to 1. Firstly, log in to the portal and navigate to Services User services My Applications 2. Secondly, select the application type as “Application for unblocking of E-way bill” and click New Application

3. Submit the application in Form EWB-05, with the upload of up to 04 documents 3. The application so to populate the file in the dashboard of jurisdictional tax officials. Further, the tax official can issue a Notice for personal hearing to the taxpayer. Then the taxpayer can file their reply to the notice online, along with supporting documents.

4. At the conclusion of the proceedings, the Tax Officer can issue an order in Form EWB-06 approving the taxpayer application for unblocking the EWB generation facility. After which You can restore their EWB generation facility for the duration specified in the order.

5. If the Tax Officer rejects the taxpayer’s application vide order in Form EWB-06, the EWB generation facility is blocked and the taxpayer shall be required to file.


their pending returns in Form GSTR-3B / Statement in FORM CMP-08, so as to reduce the pendency to less than two tax periods, for the restoration of the EWB generation facility.

6. Notices/Orders issued by the Tax Officer will be sent via SMS and mail to the taxpayer and will be made available on the taxpayer dashboard Services  User Services  View Additional Notices/Orders option.

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