BOOKS FOR A STUDENT – Reading is not only a hobby but is really shapes your personality, thought process, your actions and in turn the whole personality. So, why not include it in our daily routine?

It is something that develops a person’s communication skills and interpersonal skills also. I have met people who are avid readers and their way of working and self conduction, knowledge is way different from the people who spend time here and their binge on TV or movies.

I highly recommend that this is something which should be inculcated at early stage for better development of the personality and overall grooming of the person as a whole.

In this blog i have mentioned 6 books which if read can be a new learning and growing experience. Check out the books and if you like it do comment below your favourite book with the reason. why this book is favourite?



This is the second book by the author which follows the incredible book the secret which I already mentioned in the earlier blog. It says that the power of the universe is reveled according to which if you want anything it just takes one thing to get it. It can be done for anything relationship, money, health, happiness, career infact the whole life. The power is your dream and belief as dreams are closer to reality so, the power is nothing else it is inside you.

It is you only who can change all and you just need to realize the power of your beliefs and dreams.If the way of thinking is changed then all will be changed. Think more positively and you will attract more positivity. Think more negative and you will attract more negative. The first thing here that can be do is mindfulness.

According to the book, coincidences happen every day and we never link it with the fact that it is us who attracted that and we name them coincidence.So basically, when something happens wrong we just need to take a pause and see that what are we thinking of which has attracted this wrong to happen. If we are not a positive frame of mind then we need to bring things on track and start working with affirmations.

I have all the books of the author and whenever I get stuck and my mind gets in the wrong direction I just grab any of these books by the author and it works for me.
You can get the details of the book here.



We all are lost in just running fast in our lives without realizing the true purpose of our life. We keep on wandering and never realize the actual purpose of our life which can really frustrate us. This is the reason why most people today are dealing with mental health.This book “The Magic” basically tells us the true and better way of living. Again my go-to book when I am lost or have clash in thoughts. This book talks about gratitude which is actually the greatest gift to mankind.

It is full of motivational and influential content which can really change the way people look at things. This is yet another book like other books of Rhonda which aims at making us believe in the power of our thinking and dreams. This book is the sequel of her second book “The Power” which is mention in the blog itself. This is a book that can be life-changing and helps us to look at exploring the spiritual side.

You can get the details of the book here.


BOOKS FOR A STUDENT APJ Abdul Kalam Wings Of Fire
By Arun Tiwari

This is one biography of a person who has shown that sheer hard work and grit can achieve success. This book gives full insight into personal moments and experiences of Dr kalam. It also tells about how from a very humble beginning he became the president of India. How he achieved success with inner fire and thrust.
This book mentions the life journey which is full of inspiration including childhood days, college days. It also mentions the time Dr. kalam spent at the Langley Research Center, NASA, and Wallops Flight Facility. also illustrates the personal life of Dr kalam including his feelings of receiving awards. It tells all the things he did as a scientist and why he was call a “missile man of India”.

All in all, this is one of the inspirations which anyone should read.
You can get the details of the book here.


A Thousand Splendid Suns
By Khaled Hosseini

This author is one of the favorites as the real cry is going to come because of the way the book is writte. The main plot of the story is based on the war-torn country Afghanistan from 1960 to 1990 which was in control of the Taliban. It talks about the lives of two women after marriage taking domestic abuse and how women are suppress in that country.

The whole novel is in two parts one narrating the story of Mariam when she was a kid of 9 years living with her mother who was cruel. Mariam was call an illegitimate child because of which she faced lots of blame and prejudice from both sides of the family. The second part is about Laila who is an innocent child having a friend who was a boy and they were war struck and had no clues about the family. BOOKS FOR A STUDENT

Both of them do not lose hope and always show hope of getting better one day.This book is a must-read as this tells the situation in one of the countries and how we should be grateful for being in a country where we have the freedom to do all as per our choices. Till you reach the end you get fire-fill. This book is inspirational because of the stories taken and the way it is writte. BOOKS FOR A STUDENT

You can get the details of the book here.


By Brian Tracy

This book is by someone who is an inspiration himself by many who wants to be rich and wants to have passive income. According to the author, there is never enough time to get things done and there will never be enough time. We all keep complaining about this but the people who wants success or who are successful do not do everything. They focus on the most important things and make sure that is complete.

According to the author, If the first thing which we do when we start the day is the most important thing then you will have the satisfaction of completing the thing and you will be more positive to complete the rest of the tasks in the rest day. It will help us in not procrastinating the things and making sure we complete important tasks of the say. The book is about effective time management and the use of technology in time management. This book also talks about Decision making, Discipline, and determination.One of the must-read books as it really helps you in time management. BOOKS FOR A STUDENT

You can get the details of the book here.


Think and Grow Rich
By Napoleon Hill

This book is a book which is one which inspires generations to think and become rich by developing skills and mastering them.

According to the author, there are 13 simple steps that can help anyone to grow rich.

  1. Desire
  2. Faith
  3. Autosuggestion
  4. Specialized Knowledge
  5. Imagination
  6. Organized Planning
  7. Decision
  8. Persistence
  9. Power of the Master Mind
  10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
  11. The Subconscious Mind
  12. The Brain
  13. The Sixth SenseIn this book,

He has specified that through these steps, income management methods, and personal anecdotes anybody can grow rich. This is the book which read a minimum of one time in life. BOOKS FOR A STUDENT

You can get the details of the book here.

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