6 must read books


BOOKS FOR A STUDENT – Growth and learning can be developed by a very simple and easily available means which is reading, It is also a stress buster activity so why not spend time on reading. Let us just check out some books which are worth spending time on. They can change your overall outlook towards life so, go and grab them to have life-changing experiences.
These books are the ones that impact the overall thought process of a person irrespective of age, profession, or religion of a person.


IKIGAI – The Japanese secret to
a long and happy life
By Héctor García

This book is the one book which everyone should read once in a lifetime if you are lost or you need to know the real purpose of your life then this book is really for you. IKIGAI is a Japanese word that means “Life to be worthwhile”.This book says that every person has got a purpose in life and if you are not able to find it then you can find it. It also lays down a few rules which are:

  1. Stay active; don’t retire.
  2. Take it slow.
  3. Don’t fill your stomach.
  4. Surround yourself with good friends.
  5. Get in shape for your next birthday.
  6. Smile.
  7. Reconnect with nature.
  8. Give thanks.
  9. Live in the moment.
  10. Follow your purpose.

This book surely helps you find what you should be doing and it fills you with so much of energy that you can kick start things. This method is used by a lot of people and if you need a consultant for knowing your IKIGAI then you can contact www.bpaeducators.com. You can check the book here.


By Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a beautiful book and inspirational. It is about the journey of a shepherd boy from Spain named Santiago. He believes in a recurring dream becoming prophetic. goes to a Gypsy fortune teller and tells her about the ream to know what it means. He was told that he is supposed to discover a treasure at the Egyptian pyramid.

This book is full of optimism and tells that dream or destiny is important but the journey to that is more interesting and important. It really emphasizes on faith, spirituality, and hope by just an ordinary boy’s story. This is the reason the book is loved by everyone.

There are many motivational quotes that are encouraging and motivating like

“Love is not to be found in someone else but in ourselves; we simply awaken it. But in order to do that, we need the other person.”Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist“

One is love because one is love. No reason is need for loving.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Many more such quotes are there. This book is highly recommend for reading at least once. You can check the book here. BOOKS FOR A STUDENT


Rich dad poor dad
By Robert T. Kiyosaki

This book is unique and interesting in its own way as it talks about money is not the end goal whereas it is a tool for wealth creation. Many times people just think of money as the main and only aim for leading a good life and keep on working all the time for the same which is true with 80 % of the people around. But, once you read this book you will understand the concept that you should not work for money instead money should work for you.
In the book few things which are essentially explain are:

  • Being rich = freedom
  • Rich people make money work for them, while most everyone else works for money
  • Financial education is a key to success.
  • Assets produce cash flow whereas accumulating assets makes you wealthy.
  • Wealth can come by having lots of assets as it will generate a lot of income for covering expenses.

The major point covere in the book is the third point. he explains thoroughly that we are taught throughout that how to earn money wherein we should be educated about finances and managing them. You can check the book here.


The Budha and the badass
By Vishen Lakhiani

This book is one of the best descriptions of how we are spending 70 % of our time working and how we can change the way we work just by having the skillsets of The buddha – the one who is a prototype of a spiritual master who can lead an easy life with grace and flow which is align with inner awakeness.

The badass – the one who is a prototype of a change-maker who is doing all the work of changing and automating. He is the one who challenges the old rules to become a better person. You can check the book here.


BOOKS FOR A STUDENTThe 7 habits of highly
effective people
By Stepney R. Covey

This book is one of my favorite books as this is something that really tells you the real way of effectiveness. The concept of the paradigm shift was introduce by the author and this book also helps to understand that there can be a different perspectives of looking at things by different people. This also talks about three stages of increasing maturity – dependence, independence, and interdependence called the maturity continuum.

The seven habits explained in this book are BOOKS FOR A STUDENT

  1. Be proactive
  2. Begin with the end in mind
  3. First thing first
  4. Think win-win
  5. Seek first to understand, then to understood
  6. Synergize
  7. Sharpen the saw-growth

I am a total believer in these all habits and I try to inculcate all this in me as much as possible. Whenever I feel like I just take the book and start reading the book. If you need consulting on how to develop this habit you can check the details at www.bpaeducators.com. You can check the book here.


by Rhonda Byrne

This is another favorite book of mine and when I am low or have some disappointment then this is my go-to book. I just take the book, read any part of the book and I am back on track. This book helps you to practice gratitude and visualization. It discusses the law of attraction which means the power of thoughts may influence your actions and experiences in life. In this book, a few important things are discuss which are really magical.

  • If you want to achieve some goal you should not only believe that you can do it but you should see that you have already achieved the goal as virtual thoughts impact your actions.
  • To achieve your goals you need to stop thinking of what you don’t want as when you think about what you do not want you are unknowingly drawing more to those things or situations. So, only focus on what you want in life and you will get more of it. this can be done by practicing affirmations daily.
  • The main principle as per this book you will attract what you focus on whatever it may be including food, health, energy, goals, health, money, or anything else.
  • This book empowers humankind and boasts motivation which makes you positive and you focus on correct things. This is basically to have a correct mindset in order to do anything and mindset plays a very important role in the way things are handled.

I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and it actually is somewhat true also. If you need consultation on how to develop the correct mindset to achieve goals you can contact www.bpaeducators.com. You can check the book here.