7 Effective Ways of Communication

7 reasons why effective communication should be a focus

Communication is the most important criterion that is required in any business to be successful in the long run. Employers look for excellent communication skills before screening potential employees. To make sure that they are recruiting the right fit for their company. Moreover, it is very common for companies to spend a lot of money on training their employees and teaching them the ways of effective workplace communication. These firms largely invest in internal communication campaigns in recognition of the important role that communication plays within the employees. It increases levels of workplace engagement.


There are various ways for employees to implement their good communication skills. One way is through written communication which can be in the form of reports, emails, blogs, and memos. The second way is through verbal communication, interacting with the clients. 

Employees can effectively share their thoughts and feelings on situations affecting their work. However businesses today should realize why effective communication should be a priority to the management of any business. There are various reasons which showcase why effective communication should be a focus for any business and not be an afterthought.

  1. Good business communication builds and maintains relationships

  • Communication helps build relationships for several reasons. First, the more you listen and understand the more you learn about a person’s perspectives. Listening thoughtfully, without any judgment or interruption, shows care and respect.
  • With stronger relationships come deeper feelings of trust.
  • Once you have an honest and trustful connection, anything is possible, even tackling the most difficult problems and obstacles.
  1. It facilitates Innovation

  • The comfort zone should be the utmost priority.
  • Employees should be comfortable expressing themselves at the workplace so that cooperation and innovation within the unit or organization can be improved.
  • They should be able to convey their thoughts, feedback, and ideas on how to increase sales. It also tells how to pitch the clients for instance. 
  • Management should listen to feedback and meanwhile, should be able to pick up those ideas and implement them if applicable.
  • If the employees lack the required communication skills, or there are no opportunities for them to speak their minds in the office. Then it is likely that they won’t be able to share their ideas or business on how to improve a business process.
  1. It builds an Effective Unit

  • Employee morale is boosted when the staff members are allowed to freely express themselves when the management makes every effort to reach out and communicate.
  • Regular internal communication can also create a positive work ethic in the organization. Especially when the employees are recognized for their achievements and people appreciate it.
  • A business unit also becomes more effective when its employees are clearly told of their responsibilities. They are also knowing how each one of them can contribute towards the goal.
  1. Promotes Employee Engagement

  • Studies define employee engagement as to the most important level of emotional commitment an employee has towards organizational goals and values.
  • Good communication skills in the workplace can positively affect employee engagement.
  • Management that cares to communicate its plans and visions with the rest of the organization makes their employees feel more valued and recognized.
  • Employees will not only know how the business is doing but how they fit into the big picture.
  1. Prepare for Decision Making

  • Decision making is one of the most critical steps in any business.
  • For instance: for an economic decision, it is important to know all the figures, balance sheets, statistics, and human decision tables that highlight different needs and requirements.
  • It is important to find out the ways to overcome the various problems which may impede the flow of information, such as retention or wealth of information, transmission delays, truthfulness, and clarity.
  1. Encourages social interaction

  • Good communication within a group promotes good agreement, prevents conflicts and enables it to function efficiently.
  • The individual then feels good about the business: they can easily express positiveness and rely on the company or brand and promote the company in social discussions and conversations.
  1. It Contributes to the overall growth

  • Finally, effective communication can immensely contribute to the overall growth of a business.
  • Excellent external communication can ensure that a company would be able to promote its goods and services to its target audience.
  • Communicating and reaching potential customers through marketing collaterals, brochures, press releases, and advertisements can improve the company’s brand image directly reflects its performance in the long run.
  • Whereas, effective internal communication can empower employees, making them more aware of how their responsibilities can contribute to the company’s bottom line.
  • Effective internal communication ensures that everyone in the organization is on the same page as far as the achievement of any business goals is concerned.

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