Are you sometimes stuck with what to say?

Are you sometimes stuck with what to say?

Frequently Used Words

Are you sometimes stuck with what to say?

You have to say something but the word is at the backside of the mind but not coming from your mouth?

If yes,

Then the problem is probably you are short of words which means your vocabulary is not strong.

So, now what?

You will be surprise to know that 80% of the total conversation is done using 20 % of the vocabulary. These 20% words are the ones which we already know and we keep on bothering about the rest of the words which are just use 20%.

Just try to recall and tell me –

When was the not-so-common vocabulary like decorum or condemnation used by you last?

You are blown right!

How many times today itself you have used words like the, of, what, how, as, etc?

Almost in most of the conversations, these words were only use.

So, rather than feeling troubled about complex vocabulary what you need to do?

The only thing which can be of some help is you simply get use to some basic words and use them regularly.

If you want to know how to learn new words then check the link – Grow vocabulary

Till then let us just check out a few commonly used words which can help you to understand the usage.

Simple commonly used words

The/A/An As A I In

We They You His/Her That

He/She That/this Was/Were For On

It You Or Of To

And/Or Can Out/In There At

Do/Does/Did Is/Am/Are With They Be

Their Will Must Hot/Cold By

From Here But Word If

Me Every Our All When

Your Then Them Would So

These Now My Should Eat

Have/Has/Had Any One/Two/Three/Four and so all numbers

What/How/Why/Which Each/Some/Many/More/Much/Few

Apart from this some more simple words are:

Hot Time Said Tell Want

Air Water Play Start End

Put Read Home Hand Large

Cold Small Odd Even Add

Land Big High Low Follow

Act Ask Tell Men Women

Change Same Went Go Light

Kind Need House Picture Try

Again Animal Point Mother Father

World Near Far Build Self

Earth New Old Work Part

Take Get Place Made Life

After Before Back Front Little

Only Round Square Triangle Year

Day Came Show Give Good

Bad Under Name Very Through

Just Form Sentence Great Think

Say Help Low High Line

Differ Turn Cause Mean Move

Right Wrong Left Young Same

Different Up Use About Like

Like Long Make Thing See

Look More Number Sound Most

People Over Water Call Stand

Side Find Head Body Own

Page Country Found Answer Grow

Question School Study Still Learn

Plant Cover Food State Sun

Between Keep Eye Never Last

And so on

These are the few most used words and if we know atleast these words then we can proficiently communicate in English.

How to learn these words and their usage

When we talk or communicate we do it with the help of words so, our choice of words while communicating should be really appropriate.

Many times I have seen people facing a problem that when they talk they are either short of words or some word is just at the back of their mind but it is not coming out of their mouth.

This indirectly makes us fearful, we fumble and lose our confidence. The ultimate result will be a fear of communication.

We should solve this problem by growing our vocabulary

We can grow our vocabulary by various methods but the best way to do so is to learn a minimum of 1 new word each day.

One way can be to use any dictionary and learn one work each day.

But the better way is to make your own dictionary and write every day the words you have learned.

  1. While conversing or writing if you get stuck on one word you just need to use google and find the meaning of that word in English
  2. Then write the word and meaning in your dictionary.
  3. Also, mention one similar word and opposite word.
  4. Write one real-life usage of that word as you will remember the word much better if they user is from real life.
  5. Discuss the word at least 10 times to make it clear for you.
  6. In this way, you will have a minimum of 30 new words in a month and vocabulary gets enriched day by day.

Remember knowing everything is not possible but learning is. So, do focus that you keep on adding new words to your vocabulary every day.

It will help you gain confidence and with time gradually you will not be short of words.

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