Read and grow rich By Burke Hedges

Read and grow rich By Burke Hedges

The book read and grow rich amused me and the title of the book just attracted me so, I picked up the book and read it. I am not fully convinced with one part of the book which says reading is more powerful than watching but other than that the whole book has been a lovely affair to read.

The book is mainly emphasizing reading which I always believe in. I am a reader who just does not believe in reading but sharing and implementing the things which I read as many times while reading we came across some things which are put so beautifully in words that, they just dig strong in your head and heart.

Also, many times there comes a situation where you say that this is what I feel and it is so purely mention in the book.

While reading Read and Grow book it happened to me many times. So, let us just start with what the author says in the book.

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The book read and grow rich has a subtitle that says that the hidden power of reading can make you richer in all areas of your life.

In this book, a few examples are quote where the people have been transforme because of reading and one such example is Matthew McConaughey– the actor and producer who grabbed many Oscars who got to know himself, his true passion, his capabilities because of reading. A person just does not grow rich financially but also personally in all aspects of life. There are many other such examples where people have been talking and showing transformations in themselves because of reading.

Reading just not helps you know yourself but it also expands your horizon as you accumulate knowledge and use it for you all the time.

Not reading & poverty

In the book, it is been told that not reading and poverty have got a direct connection because according to the statistics one-third of the population does not read after their college and when we do not read, we do not learn, and in turn, we do not grow.

The major impact, change in our life, happens because of two reasons one being the people we meet and the other being what we read. If we are not changing then the growth is also not happening. It is not about having or buying books, it is about reading and then implementing and discussing them with others.

The people who can read but still choose not to read are like those people who have got treasure in front of them but they do not take them or use them but when they see others growing they just keep saying one day we will also grow. See it is not the assumptions that will help you grow rather it is what knowledge you gain and how you implement it into your life.

If Albert Einstein, Charles Babbage would just sit and did not read and implemented the knowledge then no new inventions would have happened we would just be leaving at in old early age without any new things around us. The new things were develope because they read, learned, and grew.

This is one problem which most of us have an excuse for us when somebody says to us to start a good new thing. probably because it requires some effort or it may be because it is very much last on our priority list. Whatever may be the case the answer to this question can only be found by us.

No time to read for Read and grow

Just imagine if you get to know that the government has started a scheme where the person who reads will get 5 lakhs of rupees if you read a book. How many of us would change our schedules and make time out for the completion of as many books as we can. Everyone one of us, right! So, it is not the time which we need to make because time is 24 hrs with everyone in a day. It is making a priority for activities that are important.

Remember, we will never be free and we can never make time but we can surely make our priorities according to the time. so, if we understand now that reading is one of the things which can help us grow we will surely make our priorities accordingly and plan time accordingly.

The same book can have different changes on different people base on the way the book was read and the perspective with which the book was read. Even when we read the book again we will learn something new so reading is just not reading the book once but also reading it again and again for deeper understanding.

This can be proven by the fact that Alice in wonderland is the 3 most-read English book in the world which is read by small kids, youngsters, and many others for different reasons.

The Reading is one such technology as per the author which is invente so that we human beings can unlock our hidden potential. Reading and writing liberate us, and activates our thought process, It is like an explosion of thoughts and chemicals happening in us that changes us.

Read and grow

As per the author, reading is much more powerful than watching a video or tv. because reading involves lots of activities at the same time by our brain, eyes, hands, and more wherein we are also deceiving the message and taking pictures of it in our brain so that we can refer to them later on. While reading we just do not read we criticize, compare, analyze, think, and evaluate the facts and content.

But, when we watch a video we are restrict from watching and because the pictures and content are already picture our mind does not work so much. I vary on this point with the author as in this new digital world we can learn a lot from videos also that is why youtube is one of the favourite sources of gaining knowledge for people as of now. But, yes I do agree that reading can be more knowledgable if we are deeply reading then watching videos sometimes.

You are different

When you read and learn you become different and there are many portions of reading which changes you and this has happened to me few times when I have read few books like The secret, IKIGAI, Rich dad poor dad, How to influence people and win friends. This actually happens with me as the author says a lot of times. Every time I read a book I say this is something new I learn.

If you make notes and discuss the same with people then it becomes more prominent and in memory for long as when you discuss it becomes part of your daily discussion. It is something you will remember for a long.

The things which I am sure of as a reader by reading this book are:

1.) Books can actually transform you

2.) Books can help you grow rich as a person.

3.) Books help you to learn more.

4.) Books make your communication better, and make your vocabulary grow.

5.) Books make you more open-minded and develop your thought process.

6.) Books can actually change you.

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Reading is one habit which we all should develop and for the same check the links to know which books are really great to read.