Vouchers in Tally.ERP 9

Every business ought to have transactions where their ultimate profit and loss bring up. So, managing the transactions smarter gives a boost to the organizations. As many organizations moved toward Tally ERP 9, the voucher is the primary online document used to record the transactions.

Tally ERP 9 has 16 different voucher formats to cope up the need of every organizations’ transactions. According to the organizational need, the voucher format has to be decided. For example, a sales voucher can be used in the form of invoices and thereby used in post-dated scenarios too.

Users can see the voucher types in Tally ERP 9….

To know the predefined voucher types in Tally ERP 9, go to Gateway of Tally Display List of accounts Ctrl + V [Voucher types]

Other than the predefined voucher types, the user can also create user-defined voucher types as per their requirements.

Predefined Voucher types

The standard voucher types of Tally ERP 9 software includes the enlisted ones.

  • Receipt Voucher

Any money received in accounts that entry will go in receipt voucher

  • Payment Voucher

Any payment made in accounts that entry will go in payment Voucher

  • Contra Voucher

Any entry related to bank and cash will go in contra voucher

  • Sales Voucher

Cash or Credit sales will go in sales voucher

  • Purchase Voucher

Cash or Credit purchase will go in purchase voucher

  • Journal Voucher

Any adjustment entry will go in Journal voucher

Vouchers In Tally.ERP 9